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Do we spend our lives trying to validate ourselves or to develop ourselves? The answer could very well explain why mediocrity might outweigh meaning in our lives, or why the super talented may not reach their full potential … (more)

In the past, I have performed chest compressions during a medical scene as an EMT, fought a house fire from atop a ladder, and taught people of all ages the martial arts, so it takes a lot to move me. This week I have been absolutely amazed 1) to have goosebump-producing words wake up my soul and 2) to undergo a major paradigm shift … (more)

I love this kind of Colorado sunset. Fortunately, it’s not a rare event where I live. (This photo is taken from my front yard.) The fire in the sky comes at dusk quite often. Lovely shades of red, orange, pink play across the heavens to bid the sun goodbye and the night hello … (more)

The photo on this post was taken in my backyard. Yes, the dollar bill really does go that far down into a crack formed by drought. I didn’t have a yardstick handy, but I think this shows the depth quite well … (more)

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When you are through changing, you are through.
~ Bruce Barton ~


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